Nuflex Warming

Nuflex Warming is made up of 100% natural key active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to warm up the muscles and improve circulation.

Nuflex Warming will relieve muscle and joint discomfort brought on by sport, osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time. It has a subtle and pleasant odour and will not stain clothing.

Nuflex Warming ingredients include:

  • Bergamot oil: an antispasmodic.
  • Lavandin: for muscle relaxation.
  • Lemon and orange oil: increases microcirculation.
  • Marjoram: increases circulation and analgesic.
  • Orange: strengthens the epidermis.
  • Pine and rosemary oils: increases blood circulation, is an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.
  • Wintergreen: a ‘natural aspirin’, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and analgesic.

The natural ingredients that make up Nuflex Warming make the product non-irritating and safe to use regularly. Made of natural and effective ingredients Nuflex Warming is free of parabens and is of Swiss quality.

Available as:

  • 100ml gel
  • 150ml spray

 Nuflex does not contain extracts of shellfish and is suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans.

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** Nuflex Muscle & Joint Care are Proud Sponsors of the 1st Elite Woman's Race 2013, Otley, which will be known as "Nuflex Muscle & Joint Gels Woman's Otley Grand Prix!"**